MIGB Covid Policy

If a player receives a positive test for COVID:

  • Parent notifies coach
  • Date of close contact established
  • Coach notifies Team Manager
  • Team Manager notifies team of close contact with a generic message
  • Team Manager/Coach determine practice/game cancellations
  • Players adhere to school district policy before returning to play

School District policy:

Unvaccinated close contacts must quarantine. Public Health - Seattle & King County requires a minimum 7 day quarantine when someone has come in close contact with a person that has tested positive for COVID-19. This timeline will be adjusted if your student is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and/or tests positive for COVID-19.

Your student should stay home and away from other people for at least seven (7) days after exposure, and be tested for COVID-19 on the 5th day after their exposure. Please continue to monitor your student for symptoms of COVID-19. A negative test does not necessarily mean your student will not develop COVID-19. The test result only means that your student did not have COVID-19 at the time of testing.

In order to return, they must have a negative COVID-19 test dated and not be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Should your student experience COVID-19 symptoms and/or test positive for COVID-19, please keep your student home and report this to the school nurse immediately. Students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should also schedule a PCR Test. Click here for King County Testing Locations. Forward COVID-19 test results to the building nurse.