High School Tryouts are coming up November 15-19, Teams to be announced November 19th.

We are so excited to get the season rolling. The first draft of our practice/game schedule can be found here:  http://2021-2022-Girls-Basketball-Schedule.docx-3.pdf
Please expect some minor changes, but wanted to get this out to help everyone plan as soon as possible. We will be adding 1 more game soon.
The normal site you access our schedule on has been having many issues. Many of you know this if you have been involved in other sports.
You can also view our schedule, as well as other sports schedules on   https://arbiterlive.com/Teams?entityId=14463
Please, please, please register as soon as you can. We are on the borderline of having a C team, so we need to have the most accurate count of athletes as soon as possible to be able to hire a C team coach.
Here is the link for registration:
COVID/Testing Protocols
If you have proof and wish to disclose your vaccination information please do so as soon as possible.
Current DOH protocols for Basketball dictate that if you are unvaccinated, you will need to participate in rapid testing twice a week to be eligible to play. If you want to avoid this, you must disclose your vaccination before the first week of practice or you will need to start rapid testing.